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Air purifiers: the most important tool for artists?

We know, it sounds a little strange. When stocking up your art studio with supplies, things like paintbrushes, pencils, and paper probably top the shopping list. But there is one important tool that every studio needs, overlooked by many artists: an air purifier.

Why every art studio needs an air purifier

Whether you’re a painter, a sketch artist, or a sculptor, traditional art mediums pollute the indoor air you breathe with VOC fumes and fine particulate matter, which can be damaging to respiratory health. 

  • Fumes and VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are produced from chemicals that are commonly found in paints, solvents, varnishes, resins, sculpting materials, inks, and dyes. As these materials dry, VOCs like formaldehyde, acetone, turpentine, and toluene disperse into the air. According to the EPA, VOCs are harmful to human health, and exposure can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, nausea, and even damage to the liver, kidneys and the central nervous system. 


  • Particulates from dry media

This type of airborne contamination results from small particles entering the air, and many forms of traditional art produce this particulate matter. For example, dry pastels and charcoal pencils leave a “dust” behind that will become airborne if agitated. The sanding or carving of wood, plaster, stone, or other common art mediums release particles into the air as well. Along with contaminating your workspace, increased concentrations of airborne particulates have been linked to an array of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to health concerns, air purifiers can protect your work as well. Other contaminants already found in your indoor air, like dust and pet dander, can settle on projects and create flaws in the final product. Keeping your air clean and free of particles is a win/win for any artist.

What technology to look for

We recommend a multi-stage air purifier to efficiently clean your air of both particulates and dangerous VOCs. Our newest air purifiers, the Jya Fjord Series, feature our exclusive NanoGuard™ technology that filters up to 99.99% of particulates as small as 1 micron in size, while an advanced activated charcoal layer captures and neutralizes harmful VOCs. No matter what medium you work in, the Jya Fjord series is the ideal purifier for any art studio.

A design that artists can appreciate

The Jya Fjord Series was made for artists, by artists. Starting with the most premium materials, Jya focuses on pairing the latest technology with an elegant, minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired design. The gently-rounded form factor features a dark metallic body with sleek golden accents, setting Jya apart from other air purifiers available on the market today. As a result of Jya’s unique design language and clever features that make life easier, the Jya Fjord Series has won several international design awards, including Red Dot, iF Design, Good Design, Idea Design, and more.

The Jya Fjord Series air purifiers aren’t just incredibly effective at making your workspace cleaner, safer, and more comfortable, they also enhance the look and feel of any art studio.

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