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Do Air Purifiers Help Your Exercise Routine?

One of my biggest pleasures is to unwind and give my muscles a burn to revitalize my body and mind after a week of hard work in the office. The feeling of fresh, well-organized space to wake my body up and soul feels like a dream but I do have to say, workouts drastically improve when the room is filled with clean and pure air to breathe. While producing fresh and clean air outdoors, most gyms need to be indoors to keep their specialized equipment well protected from the weather, however, indoor spaces are prone to decreasing air quality because it becomes trapped in one place.

Although it is more difficult to maintain, indoor air quality is extremely important. Even if you only have plans to use the gym for short fitness sessions, gyms can be very crowded spaces that are prone to collecting harmful things like mold and other pollutants. When you are doing a workout, you are breathing the air around you far heavier, and more often that includes the harmful materials that gather in the trapped air. In an article by Medical New Bulletin, it was reported that “since mouth breathing is common during intense exercise, the particle-filtering function of the nasal cavity is bypassed resulting in an additional health risk”. With this in mind, it is easy to see why it is so important to make sure the air quality of the space is regularly and properly cleaned. 

There is also evidence that the better quality of air, the better performance you will have during your workout. I have been in many gyms and some have extremely unpleasant musky odors giving a bad experience, always leading me to just switch gyms after only a few weeks just to avoid enduring it. So what exactly is the solution? The answer is a lot more simple than you might think.

So What Should I Do To Improve The Air Of My Gym?

It is relatively easy and inexpensive to improve the air quality of a gym. Simply buying an air purifier that you can plug in and place in the corner of the room, helps drastically in reducing the amount of unpleasant things in the air. We recommend using an air purifier with a HEPA filter as this help to reduce the amount of pollutants and odors in the air.

The Jya Fjord and Fjord Pro are highly recommended because their true HEPA filter specialized NanoGuard™ Technology, offering aerospace-grade level filtration efficiency. They are also great for larger spaces that have a lot of equipment gyms making them the ideal choice for all fitness enthusiasts. The Jya Fjord Pro is able to impressively refresh the air for a 38  to 66 ㎡ room, making it the choice you will never go back from once it becomes a part of your fitness lifestyle.

Give Your Gym A Fresh New Upgrade!

With so many harmful things affecting the indoor air quality of your gym, there is no better time to try the Jya air purifier for yourself and give your gym a much-deserved upgrade. Find out more for yourself by checking out our product page.