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Jya Fjord Pro air purifier: our review

Published by Pledgetimes


We had the opportunity to try the air purifier for a few weeks Jya Fjord Pro in different environments and in this review I will explain why you need it and why choose this model. But let’s start right from the beginning.

What is an air purifier for?

Usually in a review it is not necessary to specify what the product is for, but since it is not a consumer item, I thought it was right to make a small introduction.

Its function is clear from its name: it is an air purifier, that is improves the air quality in the rooms we live in. This means that it sucks in the air in the room and passes it through a filter that retains both fine dust (the so-called PM2.5) than the coarser ones (PM10) which include dust, pollen, spores and fly ash. In fact, these substances are not only present outside, but also inside the rooms because the same foods being cooked release fumes, not to mention the pollen and carbon dioxide that is formed when the rooms are not aired often.

Better air quality is critical for sufferers allergies, asthma or breathing problemsbut it greatly improves the environment even for those who do not suffer from these problems.

Now that you know exactly what an air purifier is for, let’s see together why you should choose Jya Fjord Pro.


The packaging and installation of Jya Fjord Pro

In the package we find simply the purifier it’s a instruction manual in several languages, among which Italian is present, together with the cable to connect it to the mains. No assembly necessary therefore, simply place the product at least 20 cm from the wall and other obstacles for optimal use and connect the power cable to the bottom of the main unit.

The product box is very sturdy!
After plugging it in, the power button is located at the bottom of the back of the device. Once turned on, the smart OLED touch display from which it is possible to view the data of the environment and set its preferred operation.

The connection to the application was fast and immediatewhich is no small feat given that with other recently tested products we had quite a few problems (for example with the Mambo 10090 by Cecotec).

Jya Fjord Pro app

From the application you can perform some operations, including:

  • Turn on and off the purifier.
  • Choose the modality of use:
    • Automatic: automatically adjusts the purification efficiency based on the air quality in the room;
    • Sleep: ultra low noise operation;
    • Favorite: as you can see from the image, this setting allows you to adjust the width of the use air.
  • View temperature and humidity internal.
  • Set i timer for automatic ignition, the angle of the air outlet (30 °, 60 ° or 90 °), la brightness screen and check the filter life before you need to replace it.
  • THE graphs of the air quality trend over time.

In the video you can see the three adjustable air outlet angles both from the application and directly from the display (in the order 30 °, 60 ° and 90 °).


Jya Fjord Pro: how it works

Let’s face it, we are always skeptical of an object whose functioning cannot be touched: you can’t see the air, you can’t see the particles. Well I’ll tell you right away that you don’t see the effects but you feel themsince as indicated in the specifications removes 99.99% of air contaminants in a few minutes.

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Already after a few hours there is perception in the air of a lightness that wasn’t there before, like when you breathe the air in the mountains. But if you want more tangible results, I can tell you that I have several allergies after a few days stopped having many symptoms, such as waking up in the morning with a stuffy nose. I am curious to continue testing it in the period between May and June, when pollen from seasonal allergies are most active, to see if there is any improvement.

I also found it to work perfectly while cookingsince the sensor immediately identifies the fumes present in the air, activating the purifier at maximum power.


Jya Fjord Pro

The extremely high value of PM2.5 due to the fumes produced by cooking food
My guests, coming from outside, have noticed the absence of any odor (residual odors can often remain when cooking or keeping windows closed for a long time) and this is one of the advantages that I had not imagined but which I find particularly useful. In this period, in fact, opening the windows to ventilate the house causes a thermal shock, as well as a dispersion of heat that lately is better avoided, given the energy costs. In fact, the filter that the purifier is equipped with has one activated carbon layer which neutralizes odors, and in a house where there are animals, the positive effect is assured.

The elegant appearance It also makes it perfectly adaptable to the environment as a piece of furniture that is really easy to move wherever it is needed, thanks to the wheels at the base. There is also a LED at the bottom which indicates the quality of the air at a glance, lighting up green if the quality is excellent and red if not.

Jya Fjord Pro

Jya Fjord Pro: maintenance
As you could also see from the previous images, the duration of the filter is just under a year, even if it is a variable duration depending on the use. Having said that, the question that arises is: how do I get the replacement filters and, above all, how much do they cost? In the instruction booklet there is a QR code to be scanned that leads directly to the purchase page of the filter, sold at the time I am writing to € 79.00 (free delivery costs). Considering the life of the filter, this is just over 6 euros per month.

Aside from purchasing the filter, one is required periodic maintenance for all the poor that accumulates in the fans that suck in the air and in those that introduce it purified into the environment. It also goes at least weekly removed the rear grille and cleaned the internal filter with a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth, in order to remove the dust that accumulates there. The same must be done for the laser sensor of particles, for which a compressed air gun or a cold air hair dryer is recommended. Small precautions that allow you to maintain the perfect functionality of the air purifier for a long time.

Jya Fjord Pro it can be purchased for € 499.00.