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How Important Air Quality Is During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time for us mothers to be, counting down the days when we are able to hold our baby for the first time but it can also be a worry time for us too. It’s only natural for mothers to stress about whether they are doing the right thing and that the precious thing growing inside of us is staying healthy with our habits. We are becoming very conscious about our diet, environment, sleep cycle and even air quality to make sure that we both stay healthy. External factors are something we consider to ensure that our body and mind stays healthy and allow for a successful and joyful pregnancy. 

A close colleague made the decision to not come to our work to ensure they stay well protected in a comfortable, familiar and safe environment. A big concern of hers was the air during a busy commute around the work space around a densely populated city center as well as unknown chemicals that might be used in and around the office could lead to developing pregnancy issues. It got me thinking about similar types of concerns and how many of it is valid. Let’s take a deeper look into this to find out.

According to studies, there may be things that need to be looked out for, with experts that have made connections between poor air quality and a number of significant issues with pregnancy, including:

  • Smaller Infants At Birth. 
  • Premature Births

In addition to pregnancy issues, babies who have been more exposed to unhealthy levels of pollution are also more likely to have long timer health issues that include: 

  • Obesity 
  • Asthma
  • Other Lung Problems


This may all sound scary when you first hear about it and you may be concerned about the air quality levels around you and might not know how to find out. Luckily for us we have been constantly updating data to inform us about the air quality in our local areas, the data can be found on the air quality index (AQI) and it measures the air quality of your area from 1-300 with good being 1-50 and very unhealthy being 201-300. This can be a good indicator for how safe the air around you is and can inform you if you need to take extra precautions when levels are higher than usual. With good levels (1-50) you can be rest assured that you can go about your normal life with little worries, moderate levels (51-100) is when you are advised to take minor precautions by going outside slightly less, anything above unhealthy (101 or higher) typically affects sensitive groups, including pregnant women and more precautions are advised. However, what do you do if you are unlucky enough to live somewhere with an unhealthy AQI number? Well, there are a number of things that you can do according to some experts:

Check The Latest AQI - By regularly monitoring AQI, you can stay informed on when air quality is at a healthy level and avoid times when it is not healthy.

Stay Indoors - During times when air quality is bad, staying unexposed is the best option. Your skin absorbs 60% of everything you come in contact with, including the air.

Get Plants - Plants are nature's answer to neutralizing the air around us. The right plants can absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, scientifically proven to help.

Buy An Air Purifier - Air purifying a room is a highly recommended way to ensure that the indoor air is at a safe level, experts say it's not only safe but has great health benefits.

What Type Of Air Purifier Would Be Suitable?

The recommended type of air purifier to use would be HEPA Filter Technology as these directly filter out particle pollution by taking away invisible yet harmful debris such as dust, fumes, bacteria, and mold. Jya Fjord and Fjord Pro are truly great options with their true HEPA filter specialized NanoGuard™ Technology capable of filtering 99.99% of pollen allergies, dust, and smoke as well as help with combating airborne mold and bacteria.

On top of its impressive filtering ability, they also have a vital air detection system that checks 5 major air quality data stats and are displayed clearly on an OLED touch screen, making it easier than ever to toggle through stats and change to different modes so that purification is optimized to the current condition of the air. They can very easily be switched to automatic mode to create smart purification with its built-it-sensors to adjust the running speed dynamically and provide the best results.

Create Pure Air For Your Future Family

There are many health concerns that have us worried as future parents. Giving ourselves less burden of worry during this time and removing concerns about air quality can allow us to be more relaxed and reassured during our pregnancy and parenthood. You can check out what both the Jya Fjord and Jya Fjord Pro have to offer by checking our product page.